Why Having the Right Bow Strings Makes a Difference

Why Having the Right Bow Strings Makes a Difference

Mar 18th 2019

To get the job done well, you need the right tools. This is true whether you’re fixing the bathroom sink or hunting game. Using premium bow strings helps you shoot better — it’s that simple. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to get more performance from your bow, it’s time to look into replacing your old strings. Here’s why.

Stop Creep

Stock bow strings tend to stretch out quickly, which causes permanent stretch called creep. Creep is a problem that throws your whole bow out of tune. Not only does this affect your draw, but it also causes the peep to become twisted. Have you ever been about to take the perfect shot on a target only to find that your peep isn’t in the right place? It’s frustrating.

Steady Shots

Using premium bow strings means that you can trust your bow from one day to the next. After all, if you’re using cheap or stock strings, you may find that your bow feels great during target practice and bad when you’re out hunting. Quality bow strings give you a reliable feel so you can get to know your bow. You want shooting to feel natural. Good strings let you focus on your shot, not the equipment.

Save Time

Nobody wants to spend time adjusting and tuning their bow every time they feel like shooting, especially if you’re out in the woods hunting dinner or competing professionally. When your bow uses premium bow strings made to championship standards, you set it and forget it. When it’s time to shoot, you pick it up and go. No fuss. No messing around.

Custom Look

an archer pulls back his bow

Your bow is a point of pride. For many archers, part of the fun of the hobby is trying new bows, customizing them, and sharing tips with other archers. If you’re into the gear side of archery, changing your strings is a great way to learn more about how the bow responds to different parts. You can also change the color to match your personal tastes. Using premium bow strings made by former champions just makes you feel more connected to your bow.

Avoid Breakage

String breakage is rare, but it happens from time to time. Nobody wants to be on a hunting trip only to have to head home because of a broken string. Quality strings are much, much less likely to break. It’s also smart to pack a spare or two just to be absolutely sure that you’re covered just in case lightning strikes.

Faster Shooting

Quite simply, good strings make for good shooting. You want strings that provide plenty of leverage, tension, and resistance so you can let those arrows fly. Premium-level bow strings help you squeeze every bit of speed out of every shot, which can make a big difference when every millisecond counts.

Quicker Break-in

If you’re using cheap or stock strings, it takes a long time before your bow has that broken-in feeling that feels like home. Quality strings are pre-stretched with hundreds of pounds of pressure over a long period of time. That means your bow should be feeling comfortable within 10 shots or so, rather than 100. Again, that’s more time shooting and less messing around.

Improve Accuracy

You simply can’t do your best if you’re not using the best equipment. Even the world’s most highly skilled archers are going to struggle to hit the bull’s eye if they’re using shoddy gear. Using the custom-made, premium bow strings made by 60X Custom Strings is an easy way to step up your game and get serious about the hobby.

Trust Your Bow

Beyond the improved performance, you need to be able to trust in your equipment. Don’t overlook the mental side of just knowing that you have the best gear. Confidence is a big part of archery, and if you’re shooting on a bow that isn’t up to bar, you’re going to be concentrating on that, rather than the shot. When your bow is in tip-top shape, you’re free to do your thing.

Prevent Separating Servings

All too often, cheap or stock strings aren’t wrapped tightly enough to last for the long haul. If you notice your cable servings becoming separated and unwound, that’s a clear sign that you need to upgrade to premium bow strings. After all, if your strings are becoming undone, you risk breakage and interrupted shots. Quality strings stay wound for good.

You’ll Have a Spare

If you change your bow string, that means you’ll still have a second backup set. While your old bow string may not be ideal, it’s always nice to have an extra one on deck just in case you need it. Even if you don’t end up using it for yourself, you may be able to fix a friend or family member’s bow. It never hurts to have spare parts lying around. You could even DIY your own bow from scratch if you’re feeling crafty.

Shop Premium Bow Strings Now

Using quality bow strings is a no-brainer, especially when you consider the cost. If your current bow isn’t cutting it anymore, we highly recommend changing your bow string before you break the bank on a new bow. Even if you end up getting the new bow, it never hurts to have a string upgrade ready to go.

Are you ready to take your archery to the next level? 60X Custom Strings specializes in a huge variety of strings to meet your unique needs. From compound bow strings to longbow bow strings and so much more, we have the best selection and the lowest prices. Place your order now, and see what a difference using premium bow strings makes in your shooting.