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Nov 12th 2019

If you’re a woman who wants to get into bowhunting or competitive archery, it can feel like there aren’t many options for you. Because choosing a bow is so personal, if even one design feature doesn’t match up to your needs, you won’t be able to shoot at your full skill level.

Many women need smaller archery bows that correspond to their draw lengths without having to resort to buying bows for children. Ready to find a bow that’s actually made for you? Read on for advice on the best women’s compound bows from the experts at 60X Custom Strings.

1. The Diamond Infinite Edge

With a draw length that ranges between 13” and 30”, this bow is a great choice for anyone with shorter arms. It’s also available for left or right-handed shooters, and it’s lightweight enough to carry on long expeditions, coming in at only three pounds!

Any beginner archers will love this bow, as it’s easy to adjust the draw weight (5 to 70 pounds) and has a wide range of options available. Use it at the range or even to hunt bear or moose. Find custom strings for this women’s compound bow here.

2. The Bear Cruzer

best bear compound bow for women

Another option for women’s archery bows is the Bear Cruzer 2017. You get a draw length as small as 12” that goes all the way up to 30”. It’s also super lightweight and still offers a very powerful draw that can shoot at 310 ft/second.

When you choose this bow, you get everything you need already included. Your bow comes with a sight, stabilizer, rest, bow case, wrist slink, arrows, and mechanical release. Be sure to buy backup Bear bow strings though, as it’s the only thing that doesn’t come with this setup.

3. Quest Radical Bow

A favorite for many looking for women’s compound bows, the Quest also comes with all the accessories you need. Compact and lightweight, this bow is perfect for petite women. It’s very portable and you don’t need a bow press to set up your shots.

The draw range for this bow is between 17.5”–30” and it provides you with sufficient scope. The only downside for someone who has used a different type of bow is the short axle, which will take some time for you to get used to. Many professionals choose this women’s archery bow, but it’s also good for beginners.

4. The PSE Drive R

This PSE women’s compound bow weighs just 3.8 lbs with an IBO of 336 ft/second. It offers a very smooth shot due to the advanced technology developed by this brand. The draw length for this compound bow is also adjustable and ranges from 25”–30.5”.

You can find this particular model with top draw weights of 50 to 70 lbs. Find custom strings for your PSE in our store to add a level of customization and backup for your setup.

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