Last Chance Archery HS3

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4 Week Lead Time
Last Chance Archery Products HS3 bow scale

Digital Bow Scale 4 Week Lead Time

At 60X Custom Strings, we strive to make it as simple as possible for you to check and double check all the specs on your bow and strings. If you’re looking for the most precise, dependable, and accurate scale, the HS3 is the perfect tool for you. It can check any bow’s peak weight and holding weight. With tons of new features and weight functions, this is one of the most diverse digital bow scales on the market.


The HS3 compound bow draw weight scale has a +/- accuracy that is 20% higher than any standard scale in the industry. It’s even 10% more accurate than the HS2 scale model from Last Chance Archery. Some of its other unique features include:

  • LED Digital Display
  • Peak/ Hold Weight Function
  • New Luggage/ Fish Function
  • Strong & Durable to 110 LBS
  • Measurements Available in KG & LBS
  • New Hook Attachment Design
  • New Handle Design for Universal Fit

Every redesigned aspect of the HS3 digital bow scale has been recreated to allow for more flexibility and versatility. Replace any other scale you currently have for this one and discover all of its best features for yourself.

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