Last Chance Archery Power Green Bow Press

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2-4 Week Lead Time
Last Chance Archery Power Green

Last Chance Archery Power Green Designed with the individual consumer in mind, the Power Green performs the same as our original Power Press just with fewer bells and whistles. Just like the Power Press, Power Green will press all compound bows. Some of the differences between our original Power Press and the new Power Green are, first of course, the color - GREEN. Power Green uses a more economical power supply, comes with non-adjustable legs and is available with bench mounts only. The Power Green will compress down to 25" and out to 48" accommodating every compound on the market. This press uses our patented finger system allowing you to press the bow exactly as if it's being drawn back. Not applying any extra pressure to your limbs and also not applying torque to your riser. The Power Green is only available in the bench mount model.  The Power Green can press bows up to 70lb, for bows greater then 70lb a hand wheel is needed.