Last Chance Archery Revolution Arrow Saw

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2-4 Week Lead Time
Last Chance Archery Revolution Arrow Saw

2-4 Week Lead Time Due to COVID-19

The Last Chance Archery Revolution Arrow Saw reduces harmful and messy carbon dust, helping to protect your health while also keeping your shop clean.  Attach a shop vacuum to collect the carbon dust and water during operation. Uses a 10,000 rpm motor for the cleanest cut possible while also being one of the quietest motors ever to hit the arrow saw market.  Standard saw motor = 6,000 RPM | Highest rpm motor on the market currently = 8,000 rpm. 

This innovative new saw enables you to do the following:

  • deburr the edge of the arrow shaft
  • square the ends
  • clean the inside of the shaft with a wire brush & brush mop
  • built in arrow spinner
  • ability to check straightness of the shaft


Arrow Saw, water drip & vacuum attachment

Blade and motor housing helps eliminate sound & carbon dust

Arrow Spinners for checking shaft straightness

Deburring tool for the edges of the shaft

Cut shafts with or without nocks or vanes - at any shaft length

Squaring device for the ends of the arrow shaft

Wire brush and brush mop (assorted sizes) for cleaning the inside of the shaft

Broadhead tightening tool included

Quick and easy adjustment for cutting a shaft to any length

Multiple adjustments to always ensure your shaft is being cut straight.


Currently 8 weeks out for shipment