Last Chance Archery Vane Master Pro

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Last Chance Archery Vane Master Pro


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Expertly designed to fletch all arrow types with minimal adjustment, the LCA Vane Master Pro fletching jig is an innovative tool for the archery industry. The VMP will accept any nock used for compound or recurve archery, ensuring that you’re able to prep your arrows for the next tournament, hunting trip, or backyard archery practice.

This is the fletching tool for the archer who leaves nothing to chance and wants the best of the best equipment. They’re also used in bow shops everywhere. Order yours with confidence at 60X Custom Bow Strings.

Unmatched Precision and Versatility

The Last Chance Archery Vane Master Pro is made for repeatable, perfectly uniform fletching. It can fletch from 0 to 5 degrees helical (both left and right), all vanes up to 4” in length, and arrows with both 3 and 4 fletch configurations (4 fletch knobs are sold separately).

This patented jig also comes equipped with LCA’s Vane Flat Technology which utilizes two nonstick wires to hold the vane perfectly flat so the clamp perfectly contours around the shaft, resulting in clean fletching every time. You can swap between any shaft with minimal adjustment.

Last Chance Archery is a highly respected brand you can count on to deliver exceptional performance and quality. If you’re not already fletching with the Last Chance Archery Vane Master Pro, it’s time for an upgrade!

Product Features

  • Fletches arrows 0-5º helical (left and right)
  • Compatible with all vanes up to 4” in length
  • Can be used with 3 and 4 fletch configurations (4 fletch knobs are sold separately)
  • Vane Flat Technology facilitates clean, precise fletching by holding the vane perfectly flat
  • Allows for endless adjusting with pinpoint precision
  • Nonstick, glue-resistant wires
  • Includes convenient carry case


What are the knobs on the LCA Vane Master Pro fletching jig used for?

When using the jig to place the vane on your arrow shaft, you may need to offset your nock’s position so it’s aligned with the cock vane. For example, if you’re using the Last Chance Archery Vane Master Pro to fletch your cock vanes straight, you can keep the knob at zero and the nock and cock vane will be aligned. However, say you’re using a 4º helical. They won’t be aligned at zero, so you’d need to offset the rear knob to rotate your nock to alignment with your cock vane.

This extra adjustment is super convenient because it makes it easy to fletch one single vane at a time. If a vane falls off, you simply place the arrow in the jig, and it’ll be ready to go with everything properly aligned.

Do I have to use the knob adjustments on the Last Chance Archery Vane Master Pro?

No, some archers keep the knob settings centered and fletch the entire arrow if one vane falls off. The knob adjustments are a handy feature, but you don’t have to use them if you prefer to fletch the entire arrow instead of individual vanes.

How do I remove excess glue from the LCA Vane Master Pro fletching jig’s wires?

While the wires are glue-resistant, it’s still very important to wipe them down or the glue will build up over time. You can wipe the wires down with a napkin or paper towel, but a microfiber cloth works best. Hold it in your thumb and index finger, and wipe down the wires for 5-10 seconds after fletching each vane.

Can I use the Last Chance Archery Vane Master Pro with feathers?

Although some archers have had success using the VMP to fletch thinner feathers, it’s designed for vanes and not guaranteed to work with feathers. Last Chance Archery is currently working on a jig that’s compatible with feathers, so stay tuned!

Contact Us to Learn More

For more information about this jig, our LCA bow presses, or any of our other archery supplies, message us online or give us a call at 724-525-3972. Our in-house experts are always happy to help. The Vane Master Pro fletching jig is a professional tool that you can depend on, and we’re proud to offer it at a great price. Give your fletching quality a boost with the Last Chance Archery Vane Master Pro, and then buy some custom bow strings!

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  • 5

    GREAT FLETCHER!! Its expensive but the quality that you receive in the end is AMAZING!! Easily worth ever

  • 5
    Vane Master

    I have owned many fletching jigs, this is by far the most hassle free , most precise equipment I own , easy and very simple to use

  • 5
    User friendly/ very repeatable

    Took a little bit to receive but the wait was worth it. This fletcher is easy to use and set up. Has tons of settings for shooter preferences.

  • 5
    Best there is

    I have tried every fletching jig out there. This is by far the best available. I will never use another jig to fletch arrows ever again. So simple to set up, and once it's set you can just go.

  • 5
    Best there is

    I love this arrow fletcher. I have a bitzenburger that has served me well for years, but this is just flat out a better mouse trap. 60X had the best price, so I bought from here.

  • 5
    LCA Vane Master Pro

    High quality fletching jig, I see why all the top pros use it.