Ready to ship Ravin Custom Crossbow String & Cables

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Ready to ship Ravin  Custom Crossbow String & Cables

If you need custom ravin crossbow string and cables, we have you covered. These aftermarket crossbow strings are pre-stretched, so they’re in stock and ready to ship. We carry strings for all of the top ravin crossbows. Choose your favorite color to add a custom look to your crossbow.

Quality Custom Strings

Here at 60X Custom Strings, we understand how important it is to replace your worn-down strings so that you can get back in action. Our crossbow strings deliver the performance you need to rely on your rocky mountain crossbow when you need it most. Replace your existing string for improved durability with custom rocky mountain crossbow strings from 60X.

Here are the specs:

  • Ready to ship
  • BCY  bow string material
  • Available in 4 different color combos and black
  • Double served center serving
  • Black BCY 3D or BCY halo bow string serving material (based on bow requirements)
  • Proprietary 5-stage stretching process

Get the Best Deal on Quality Strings

60X strings are used by pros worldwide because they get the job done right. We keep our prices low and our quality high so you never need to shop anywhere else. If you need crossbow strings and don’t see your model listed, just contact us and we’ll help you out. Save on the industry’s best aftermarket crossbow strings at 60X Custom Strings.

Due to the extreme performance of these crossbows regular maintenance is required. As a result there is no warranty on these crossbow strings and cables.