Zenith Archery Products Bitzenburger Upgrade Kit

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Bitzenburger Fletching Jig Upgraded Nock Receiver by Zenith Archery


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Zenith Archery Products Bitzenburger Upgrade Kit Zenith Archery Products has introduced a new upgraded nock receiver for your Bitzenburger fletching jig. The replacement body will fit directly into your jig and will still adjust for all three different fletching patterns. The original receiver held the arrow only by a loose fit on the nock. The new receiver comes with two inserts which are held into the body by a long screw which is tightened through the rear of the receiver and will hold the arrows directly, without slippage. One insert is sized to fit snuggly into any arrow which uses a G nock.  The second insert does arrows which use pin nocks, holding the pin by the hole in the insert. It also does arrows which use Super nocks (.246 carbon, Super Uni-bushings, etc.) by fitting the insert into the back of the arrow. If the pin holder becomes too loose, just gently squeeze the segments together with a small plier until it holds the pin tightly again.  This kit DOES NOT include a sleeve for X or H nocks.  These are available as an option if needed.  An adjustable upper support plate is mounted using the template and hardware included with the kit. Once the arrow is mounted in the jig, the plate is adjusted to support the upper end of the shaft. Older arrows with glue on nocks can still be done using the old receiver.  This will not work with crossbow bolts.  There was a change in design by bitzenburger around 25 years ago and this may not work with jigs older then that.   

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  • 5
    Zenith Bitzenburger Upgrade Kit

    Worth the money to upgrade fletching is more precise now.

  • 5
    Must have this Upgrade

    This upgrade is a must. Honestly, I wouldn’t even try using my bitz without it.

  • 5
    Improvement Exceeds the Cost

    I 've been fletching my own arrows for a few years. I don't do it regularly, only when I get new ones or need to repair existing ones. This kit has gotten my arrows fletched much more consistent.

  • 5

    This totally changes the way that you fletch arrows. It allows for a huge degree of accuracy. Every arrow is now identical. Super easy to attach.

  • 5
    upgrade kit

    The blitz is tried and true and will last a lifetime. add this little upgrade here and what little play in your jig will be non existent. best used with pin bushings

  • 5
    Nice unit

    What a difference this little gadget makes

  • 5

    I was having problems with spacing with smaller diameter arrows and this upgraded fixed that! Super easy to install! I’ll have them on all my jigs!

  • 5
    Zenith Bitzenburger Upgrade Kit

    I’ve had my Bitz for several months, I don’t fletch a lot of arrows and it worked fine as it was but once in a while my fletchings were off. After installing the Zenith upgrade it’s like a different fletching jig. There’s no deviation because the arrow shaft is firmly held in place. I had the option to buy the upgrade when I bought the jig and clamp but passed on it. Buy this now, you won’t be disappointed

  • 5
    Bitzenburger Zenith Upgrade

    Product is machined very well and with all the adapters and sleeves there shouldn’t be any arrow the Bitz Jig can’t do with extreme precision now. Easy to change between adapters, takes about 15 minutes to install at most. Worth the money and time invested.

  • 5
    Zenith Blitzenberger upgrade

    Excellent! Well made .

  • 5
    Zenith upgrade for Bitzenburger

    The upgrade is very well made, I use it with pin nocks in my shafts and get very constant fletchings, I know own 2 jigs and have no reason to switch, this jig does it all!

  • 5
    Amazing upgrade

    I can't believe I ever used my bitz jig without this. What a difference. Every arrow is exactly the same now.