Zenith Archery Products Comfort Plus Release

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Zenith Archery Products Comfort Plus Release

Zenith Archery Products Comfort Plus Release It's also our Premium release. Fully CNC machined from a solid block of lightweight aluminum or heavyweight brass and buffed for an extremely smooth finish. All corners are not only rounded, but fully radiused for an overall natural feel and complete, well…comfort. Aluminum handles are brite-dip anodized in a variety of solid colors. The head is of the highest quality workmanship, fully machined from aircraft aluminum, not bent from a piece of stamped steel.  All Comfort Releases come with your choice of any of Zenith's shooting or practice cams. The cams come in either smooth or clicker style cams which are trimmed on one side for better index finger clearance or the traditional half moon shape which are smooth on one side and have a clicker on the other side. The clickers are offered in 4 different speeds and offer sharp sounding, but not jarring clicks due to the hand work done in their manufacture. The dump on the release head is fully rounded on the hook surface so as not to cut the D-loop or Release rope, as some releases will do after continued use. Optional "Flip-it" head - This is the first back tension release to stay set once it's cocked, allowing you to focus on your shot, not the position of your release while you set it on your string.  

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