60X BCY 452X Custom Compound Bow String & Cable

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60X BCY 452X Custom Compound Bow String & Cable

60X Custom Strings sells our custom-made BCY 452X bow string and cable set. Fill out our online form and get custom strings and cables shipped to your home with a one-year warranty.

Our BCY bow string and cable promise the following features:

  • Our proprietary five-stage stretching process for our strings
  • 57 available string colors and 30 serving colors
  • Powergrip center serving
  • 3D or Halo bow string serving (based on bow requirements)
  • No creep, peep rotation, or serving separation

Our database has 8,000+ bow string specs, but we don’t have a record for every bow on the market. To make sure we get you the bow string and cables you need, please fill out the following information:

  • Bow make
  • Bow model
  • Bow string length
  • Cable 1 length
  • Cable 2 length (if applicable)

Your bow’s string lengths can usually be found on the limb sticker. Select any two string colors and end serving color to ensure that your bow has the look and style you want.

A normal set of bow strings is either a bow string and a cable for a single cam bow or a bow string and two cables for hybrid/dual cam bows. If you’re unsure about which type you have, contact us or use our website’s chat feature and we’ll help you choose the right 452X bow string and cable set.

A “1-cam string” has a length of 70+ inches and a “2-cam string” has a length under 69 inches. The “control cable” usually looks like a shorter string and the “buss cable” has a “Y” shape with two (2) loops on one end and a single (1) loop on the other.

We recommend using a bow press for installation of most accessories to prevent potential damage.


How often should I change my compound bow string and cable?

As a general rule, we recommend replacing your bow string and cables once a year for target bows and once every two years for hunting bows.

However, when you need a new 452X bow string and cable set can vary widely depending on how often you shoot, where you shoot, and how you store and maintain your bow. Some frequent shooters even replace their strings and cables every few months.

Read our blog When to Consider Replacing a Compound Bow String to learn more about when and how to change your string and cables.

How do I know it’s time to change my bow string?

Signs it’s time for a new string include heavy fuzzing, stretched and/or broken strands, and performance loss.

Check out our Bow String Inspection for more information.

Can I change my bow’s string and cables myself?

While it’s possible to install your 452X bow string and cable set on your own, we highly recommend bringing your bow to a professional if you don’t have the proper tools, knowledge, and experience to do the job safely.

How do I find the right string length for my compound bow?

If you’re unsure of your bow’s ideal string size, start by checking the limb sticker. You can also check the manual to find the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Check our Compound Bow String Guide for more information.

What is 452X bow string material made of?

67% SK75 Dyneema® and 33% Vectran.

Built by a Former World Champion

A high-quality compound bow string and cable will improve your bow’s performance, as well as your own. Use this 452X bow string and cable set to enhance your bow’s speed, consistency, and stability; reduce vibration and noise; and eliminate creep, peep rotation, and serving separation. Individually built by multi-world and national archery champion, Brad Patsy, our bow strings are durable and highly stretch resistant—replace your compound bow strings less often. Order with confidence today.

60X Custom Strings warrants each 452X and X set against peep rotation, serving separation, creep, manufacturing defects in materials, craftsmanship and design for a period of one (1) year from the delivery date. There is no peep rotation guarantee on PSE unserved idler setups or economy sets. ALL warranty strings/cables must be returned for inspection prior to repair or replacements being issued. Inspection will check for unusual wear or improper installation. 60X Custom Strings reserves the right to repair or replace any strings/cables at our own discretion. Warranty Exclusions: Damage due to improper installation or follow-up maintenance or lack of skill, competence or experience of the user or assembler. Products that have been modified, neglected used in competition or for commercial purposes, misused or abused or anything other than normal use. Normal wear and tear. Cut strands from peep sights or cable slides This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective product, at the option of 60X Custom Strings and is the sole remedy of the warranty. This limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable. This warranty applies only to products purchased directly or through an authorized dealer. In no event shall 60X Custom Strings be liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage, whether direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise resulting from breach of any express or implied warranty or condition of merchantability. 60X Custom Strings products are warranted against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship from the delivery date of the product, subject to limitations detailed above. Crossbow strings/cables carries a 30 day warranty.

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  • 5
    Set it and forget it

    Posted by Payton selinger on Sep 28th 2023

    Best part of X60 strings is installing them, tuning your rig, forgetting about it and enjoying shooting thousands of trouble free arrows! It doesn’t hurt they look fantastic as well.

  • 5
    Set it and forget it

    Posted by Payton Selinger on Sep 28th 2023

    Best part of X60 strings is installing them, tuning your rig, forgetting about it and enjoying shooting thousands of trouble free arrows! It doesn’t hurt they look fantastic as well.

  • 5
    452 compound bow strings

    Posted by Jim Brown on Sep 28th 2023

    60x 452 material has been the most consistent, durable and long lasting strings sets I have come across. To notch customer service that will help you in any way. Just about any color combination you can think of. Do yourself and your bow a favor and put a set of 60x 452 strings on your bow, you will love them.

  • 5
    452x strings

    Posted by Landon wolf on Sep 28th 2023

    I've been using various strings for the past 5 years, and I was lucky enough to get 60x strings on the last bow I bought from a gentleman. I've been shooting all summer, competing in leagues and 3D tournaments, and now I'm hunting with it - and these strings are holding up better than any other strings I've used!

  • 5
    Compound strings and cable

    Posted by Daniel Edwards on Sep 27th 2023

    I like them very much. So much better then factory.

  • 5
    Excelent product

    Posted by Edgar Barsallo on Sep 27th 2023

    Works perfect in the tropical weather and excelent performance on tournaments. Have a great durability if it is treat the right way.

  • 5
    Top notch

    Posted by jessie willis on Sep 26th 2023

    60x Custom Strings is absolutely amazing! Their attention to detail and craftsmanship is top-notch. I highly recommend them for all your string needs! ??

  • 5
    Bear Tremor Custom String and Cable Set

    Posted by Bryan S on Sep 17th 2023

    Very happy with this set of strings and cables. I installed these on a Bear Tremor for a friend that I shoot with. We were both happy with the way the custom color choices came out, buckskin and autumn. It looked killer on his bow. I shoot 60X strings on the majority of my bows. They’ve always been built right, perfect lengths, and tune very easily with very little adjustment. Once you set these up and shoot about 20-40 rounds with them, they settle in nicely. No peep rotation, etc. I have a small shop and try to support the folks I shoot with. The closest archery shop is an hour or more away. When my friend came to me asking about recommendations on strings, I naturally said let me get you a set of 60Xs. As with my past experience, these went on super easy and shoot exceptionally well. As a bonus, when I had initially placed the order, I received an email from customer support that indicated that their build times were delayed due to high volume and they offered to ship me a pre-built set. I opted to stick with the custom. Much to my surprise, the 60X crew got right on it and the new set shipped two weeks before the indicated lead time. Kudos to 60X! Quality strings and great customer service! Thank you and keep up the stellar work!

  • 5
    Cable's strings

    Posted by Wesley French on Sep 11th 2023

    The best strings and cables for hunting and competition.

  • 5
    Quality Unmatched

    Posted by Dustin Russell on Jul 11th 2023

    After using these strings in multiple climates and weather conditions you’ll find that the quality is excellent. Very little if any stretch, serving stays solid and doesn’t fray, and zero peep rotation in conditions from full blow blizzards to sweltering heat! Keep up the great work!

  • 5
    Top Quality

    Posted by Justin McLellen on Jun 27th 2023

    Absolutely the best string & cable set I have had the privilege of using. Absolutely perfect every time and zero issues with peep twist! Definitely can't go wrong with 60x strings!

  • 5

    Posted by Keely Greene on Jun 26th 2023

    I chose very vibrant colors for my 3D bow setup and they are still bright after a season of shooting.