Archery Lessons for Kids: How to Introduce Them to Archery

Archery Lessons for Kids: How to Introduce Them to Archery

Aug 4th 2020

Whether your child got inspired by a character in one of their favorite movies or has been watching you shoot and wants to try it themselves, introducing them to archery is a great way to get them outside, active, and loving a new hobby. There are a few tips and tricks to help make sure they have a positive first experience with children’s archery.

Make Sure They’re Ready

While there is no magic age when a child is suddenly ready, finding local archery lessons for kids can help you figure it out. Also, you know your child best and will know when they’re ready. Are they able to follow instructions, especially essential safety procedures? Are they strong enough to  lift and hold a bow? Make sure they’re able to understand the concepts before getting started.

Visit Your Favorite Archery Shop

mother helping child shoot a bow

Unless you have extensive experience, it’s best to take your child to your favorite shop for their initial foray into the world of children’s archery.  Professional shops will take the time to fit the bow to your child, including making sure the draw weight is correct. They can recommend archery lessons for kids in the area or give you tips on how to start shooting at home (if it’s legal where you live).

Purchase an adjustable bow if you can so it will grow along with your child. Also make sure to purchase arrows that fit with the bow, as the ones that don’t fit the draw length and weight won’t shoot as well.

Ease Them Into It

Archery is supposed to be fun, so ease your child into the process. Carefully review safety procedures with them before you begin. Start with a large, blank target like a pizza box or balloons for a satisfying “popping” sound. Kids’ archery lessons can also use paper plates and hay bales. Beginning with a blank target ensures children don’t get too focused on hitting the bullseye before mastering proper form.

Speaking of form, start simple. Don’t use a mechanical release or bowsight at first. Learning instinctive shooting with good form will make them a better archer in the future.

Consider Children’s Archery Groups

One way to make archery more fun for kids and encourage them to stick with it is to sign them up to practice in groups. Archery lessons for kids are an ideal way to get them socializing with other children who are also beginning the hobby. Teachers for these lessons will also have the skills and experience to teach young archers.

Encourage a Lifelong Love of Archery

When your child is ready, invest in quality,  custom-made bow strings in their favorite colors for the ultimate archery experience. At 60X Custom Strings, we want your child to have a positive experience with archery so they love the sport as much as we do. Contact us with your questions or sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with us.

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