Archery Practice & Tips for Beginners

Archery Practice & Tips for Beginners

Nov 21st 2019

Whether you were inspired by Katniss Everdeen or Olympic medalist Brady Ellison, getting into archery can lead to better health, a sense of accomplishment, and even trophies. If you’re just starting out, there are a few basic tips and tricks you should keep in mind. At 60X Custom Strings, we’re here to be your number one resource for archery advice, custom bowstrings, and archery accessories. Read our blog now for our advice regarding archery for beginners.

1. The Right Bow

Choosing the right bow is crucial to your success as an archer. No matter how much you commit to archery practice, if your bow is too heavy or the draw is too long, you’ll have a hard time succeeding. There are a few different types of bows you can consider including recurve, compound, and longbow.

The recurve bow is great for beginners, as there aren’t as many complex parts and accessories. A slightly harder to use bow is the longbow. This bow type was developed during the Middle Ages and can be rather tough to master. The compound bow is the most modern option for beginners. It has wheels located on the ends that create a pulley system to make the bow easier to handle. Find a local shop that lets you try all these styles and talk to them about the pros and cons of each.

2. Figure Out Your Stance

basic archery stance

The basic archery stance is with your feet parallel about hip-width apart and your torso perpendicular to your target. We recommend experimenting with your stance until you find one that results in better aim and stability. You may find that turning your torso very slightly towards the target works best for you or that having your feet a bit wider helps you maintain better balance.

Archery for beginners is all about consistency, so once you notice you’re hitting your target, you want to emulate that position every time to obtain the same results.

3. Strength Training

Conditioning your body to be comfortable while drawing a bow is a great way to ensure you’re using the right muscles during archery practice. Focus on using your back, torso, and arms in conjunction to create a smooth draw. You’ll also generally be standing for hours at a time, so training on the treadmill or Stairmaster will help build your lower body strength as well.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

A wise man once said, “repetition is the father of learning.” It’s no secret that nobody gets good at anything without practice. Going out to practice regularly gives you the opportunity to experiment, improve, and observe techniques used by other archers. The more time you spend practicing, the faster you’ll advance your skillsets.

5. Finding a Coach

man shooting recurve bow black and white

There are plenty of local ranges that allow you to come out and practice your archery whenever you want, but not all of them provide training on archery for beginners. If you’ve been practicing for a while and you think it’s time to get serious, finding a coach is the next step. Working with a professional will change your entire perspective on archery, helping you to improve everything from your stance to your anchor point.

Archery for Beginners with 60X Custom Strings

While we bring custom strings to serious archers, we want to introduce as many people as we can to our passion. Once you decide to buy equipment instead of renting, shop our store for custom strings, peeps, and stabilizers!

Looking for more tips for archery for beginners? Reach out to our team today for an extra resource in your training.