Best Compound Bow Strings for Hunting

Best Compound Bow Strings for Hunting

Sep 9th 2021

When you’re on a hunt, the last thing you need is for your bow to fail you. Whether the string doesn’t fit your bow exactly right or it’s stretched out just a bit too much, a low-quality string can send you home empty-handed.

That’s why we created this list of the best bowstrings for hunting. With the strings on this list, you can improve your accuracy, hone your shot, and make sure your hunt is a success.

(Of course, there are dozens of factors that go into a successful hunt, but a quality string is one of them.)

1)KESHES Dacron Bowstring

What makes KESHES one of the best compound bow strings? It lasts for a long time and provides superior performance on your hunt. The latest version of the highly acclaimed Dacron string does not disappoint.

This string is powerful with as much stretch as the B-50 with one important difference: it lasts longer because the stretch is less permanent. Each time you pull this string, it snaps back to its original length immediately.

The KESHES is available in sizes from 44” to 70” so you can use it with a wide range of bows. Enjoy 40, 50, or 70-pound tensions for a variety of shooters. Enjoy one of the best compound bow strings when you choose the KESHES from Dacron.

2)Premium Gear B-50 Dacron Bowstring

The B-50 also makes our list of best bowstrings for hunting. It’s one of the most popular choices thanks to its durability, power, and performance.

This string is available in AMO lengths from 48” to 62”, meaning the actual length taps out at 58”. It has great range but you can’t use it for bows that need 60” or more.

Enjoy similar pound options at 40, 50, or 65 pounds. B-50s are made of excellent material and are powerful enough to shoot your bow accurately.

3)FLEMISH Fast Flight Plus

black and white side view of man drawing compound bow

The FLEMISH Fast Flight Plus is one of the best compound bowstrings due to its Flemish braided material. It’s designed for bows that use low stretch and high power. It stretches well which makes it very easy to tune.

Despite this flexible stretch, it returns to its original shape immediately upon release. This makes it last slightly longer than the Dacron B-50.

These strings have a 3-bundle construction of 18 strands, making them suitable for drawing weights of 70 pounds.

Finally, they’re super quiet with straight flight paths. This makes them some of the best bow strings for hunting on the market.

4)Jaguar CRS-004C Crossbow String

The Jaguar CRS makes our list of best compound bowstrings because of its versatility. It can sustain a draw weight of up to 175 pounds, making it applicable to a wide variety of bows and shooters.

It’s lightweight — only 0.3 ounces — which makes it perfect for hunting, especially if you’re going to be out for a few days. You can toss it in your pocket or pack and carry it with you when extra weight matters.

Plus, the strings usually come in pairs so you can replace them easily if they should wear or break. They do require a fair amount of maintenance, so keep that in mind. You should be waxing this string every day to make sure it doesn’t fray.

5)Samick Sage & Polaris Replacement String

Rounding out our list of best compound bowstrings is the Samick Sage & Polaris replacement string. These come with various numbers of strands for different weights, anywhere from 24–48 pounds.

It’s got an easily adjustable brace height and comes pre-twisted. The only potential downside is it doesn’t come with nocks. But the versatility for different bows makes it an excellent choice in terms of the best bowstrings for hunting.

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