Home Archery Shop: DIY Archery Shop for The Beginner Archer

Home Archery Shop: DIY Archery Shop for The Beginner Archer

Posted by Kenneth Sasser on Jan 23rd 2024

Being a beginner at anything will always have its battles, from the cluelessness of simple tasks, to having the willpower to do research and learn how to get it done. I’ve found myself getting involved with different hobbies, sports, and collecting things over the years. Nothing has quite piqued my interest as much as archery, from the history of the bow and arrow to the new high-tech attachments man has made to continue the progression of it. I’m hooked on learning new things about this crazy passion I’ve grown to love; the archery bug has bitten me! Check out all the supplies you need to create your own DIY bow shop.

A man working on his bow in his home archery shop


If you get involved in anything new, you WILL need archery tools. If you can’t get the tools, then I’d suggest finding a local shop where you can easily commute to so that you can get problematic issues fixed in a pinch.

Basic Tools

You might already have a few tools lying around that can be beneficial to a home archery shop starter pack. The basics will get you started in maintaining your bow. Disciplining yourself with this can potentially grow an interest into an even broader spectrum of tinkering.

Allen Wrenches

If you own a compound bow, you will need an Allen wrench at one point or another. Limb bolts, limb stops, whisker biscuits, sights, and drop-away arrow rests are just a few pieces that will benefit from having this tool. I use an Easton Allen Pack as my go-to and keep some T-handles on my workbench set.


A workbench is the ideal space for most home archery shops and projects. When determining what size to purchase, make sure to consider space for tools, attachments, and surface area to work on. I built two benches, each dedicated to their own specific projects. I also bought one prebuilt. DIY benches can save some money and almost always give you more space than buying prebuilt.


A Sharpie is such a simple yet effective tool for any workshop. The uses are endless. Marking nock points, D-loop & peep position, along with cam timing marks are just a few ways I have used a Sharpie in my DIY archery shop.

Magnetic Trays

Magnetic trays have saved my tail more than once, creating a safe place in your home archery shop for bolts, nuts, picks, etc. Get one of these; you won’t regret it.


String wax is crucial in extending the life of your bow strings and key maintenance for your bow. It’s an easy process; just don’t get the wax on the serving material.

Not sure how to wax your strings? Learn how to wax a bow string in this step-by-step guide from 60X.


If you have the space to put a target in your yard at a safe distance from neighbors, roads, etc., I’d highly recommend getting a block or 3D-style target to practice archery at home in your backyard. Commuting to the range or indoor shops can easily become a “maybe tomorrow” situation. Having a spot right outside your home archery shop will give you a reason to get outdoors without leaving your property.

Intermediate Tools

Let’s move on to intermediate tools for the progressive archery shop DIYer out there. Now that you have some basic tools, and you’ve watched enough YouTube videos to earn a monthly paycheck, what’s next? A little more buck will give your home archery shop a bang.

Arrow Saw

After spending what seemed like a fortune on arrows and trips to the shop every few months, it was finally time for me to begin my first try at a DIY tool. Endless archery forums and videos led me to make my own arrow saw for under $50. I’ve now cut more than 6 dozen arrows for my family and friends.

Fletching Jig

My Bitzenburger Fletching Jig has saved me a lot of time, stress, and mess. When building arrows, you can use the heat shrink style vanes or you can truly build your own arrow setup from nock to point.

Bow Press

A bow press is a staple in any DIY bow shop. The Last Chance Archery EZ Green Bow Press was my first big purchase for my shop. It arrived just in time for me to replace my wife’s Bear Legit bow strings before TAC. Bow string repair, string replacement, peep installs, D-loop repair, kisser buttons, and cam adjustments are other reasons I’ve used my bow press. I’ve gotten a ton done with it in a short amount of time. Get one; you will use it.

Last Chance archery EZ green bow press in a home archery shop


One of the most underrated tools in a home archery shop is a vise. Sight leveling and nock height leveling are two ways I’ve used my vise. I’ve even used it to check cam timing by myself. I used my DIY lessons to save coins on this tool, and I use it habitually. I bought one and made it mountable to my workbench.

Parts Storage

A place for everything and everything in its place. I have a couple of plastic storage drawers and tackle boxes that hold a plethora of components, tools, and parts. This helps me stay organized and get to what I need fast.

Create Your Own Home Archery Shop With 60X

There are many other tools you can add to your DIY bow shop to fit your style of archery and needs. This is just a simple guide as to what I found I’ve needed most through my journey. Be it YouTube hours, trips to the archery shop, along with some key insight from new friends I’ve made who share this passion, have made this process a tremendous amount easier and more fun! I hope this gets the wheels turning for you and motivates you to tinker with your own gear.