Ski Archery: Everything You Need to Know About This Sport

Ski Archery: Everything You Need to Know About This Sport

Oct 9th 2020

If you haven’t heard of ski archery, you’re not alone. This cool new sport is taking the athletic world by storm. Learn everything you need to know about this archery biathlon in our comprehensive guide.

What Is This Type of Archery?

This sport has actually been around since the 1500s in Norway. However, it didn’t see an increase in popularity until Italy resurrected it in more modern times. Since 1991, it’s been a recognized discipline.

How Ski Archery Works

Archers carry their bows in their backpack as they cross-country ski through their courses. The men’s course is 12 kilometers and the women’s is 8. Archers stop along the way to shoot at pre-set targets.

The targets are approximately 16 centimeters in diameter and set up about 18 meters from the archer. These targets are less than half the size of regular indoor targets. Archers shoot four arrows from a kneeling position at each target.

What Are the Rules?

The rules for this archery biathlon are very simple. The archers ski approximately 350 meters between each target. They must then drop to their kneeling position to fire four arrows. A miss adds a penalty to their score in the form of skiing a short loop that adds to their total time. Once they’ve shot, they move to the next target. The first archer to cross the finish line wins.

Are There Requirements to Participate in Ski Archery?

Well, it’s a good idea to be physically fit. You have to cross-country ski either 8 or 12 kilometers (5 or 7 miles), depending on your gender. You have to be able to ski as fast as possible between targets, then calm your heart rate long enough to shoot accurately. That requires a certain level of cardio fitness.

You also must carry your bow and arrows the entire competition, which adds weight to your cross-country skiing. That means physical strength is important, too.

Lastly, a lot of competitions use a recurve bow. You need to own one of those, as well as quality arrows, and be skilled with them.

How Can I Get Started with Ski Archery?

selective focus of man aiming arrow at target

If you’re interested in archery biathlons, definitely start with your physical fitness. Make sure your heart is strong and healthy. Also make sure your body is strong, especially your legs, core, and arms. This will help you with both the skiing and shooting parts of this unique sport.

Then, practice, practice, practice. Find an outdoor range near you and shoot as many arrows per week as you can. It’s ideal to practice using a target that’s the same size and distance away from you as your local competition, to make sure you’re building the right skills. Bonus points if you can practice in the snow.

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