The 10 Best Compound Bow Manufacturers

The 10 Best Compound Bow Manufacturers

Posted by Brad Patsy on Jan 6th 2023

Being an archery manufacturer, we are always asked what the best bow is or what is the best bow brand. While everyone has an opinion, it normally turns into the old Chevy versus Ford versus Dodge type of debate. What works great for one may not be the best option for another. Personally, I have shot very poorly with very expensive, top-of-the-line models, but also won national championships with mid-grade models. Even though I’ve had very strong brand loyalty to what I felt was the best bow brand over the years, I can admit that there isn’t one “best compound bow brand” out there.

Each brand makes top-quality products; you just have to find what works for you. With that said, I compiled a list of what I feel are the top 10 best archery manufacturers that make bows on the market.

Mathews Archery Bow Manufacturer

Mathews was established in the early 1990s by Matt McPherson. They are currently located in Sparta, Wisconsin. Their claim to fame was their solo cam technology and slogan, “Catch us if you can.” Their pro shooters are staples at national events and oftentimes frequent the podiums with their victories. Many of today’s top hunting television stars are sponsored by Mathews, as well. Each year they continue to bring out innovative designs to improve their products. Year in and year out, Mathews bow strings are one of our top sellers.

Hoyt Archery Bow Manufacturer

Hoyt was founded by Early Hoyt Sr. in 1931. Now, almost a century later, they continue to be one of the best bow brands in the sport. No matter where the tournament is, you will see a flood of Hoyt jerseys both on the line and on the podium. They especially seem to excel in the international target archery scene. Many record book animals are harvested each year using Hoyt equipment. Our selection of Hoyt bow strings covers just about every bow from the last 40+ years.

Bowtech Archery Bow Manufacturer

Bowtech didn’t come around until the year 2000 but quickly became a major brand in the industry. Each year they release a number of new models, each targeted at a specific customer need. In recent years, Bowtech has made a huge push into target archery with the addition of pro shooters, like Paige Pearce and Tim Gillingham. Both have been very successful and can be seen almost every weekend holding a big contingency check on the podium. Our Bowtech bow string recipe has proven to increase durability in the hard bend areas their cams are known for.

PSE Archery Bow Manufacturer

When Pete Shepley started PSE in 1970, I’m sure he didn’t know the journey that was in front of him. Over 50 years later, they are still going strong. They offer bows for everyone from the beginner up to the professional archer that travels the world competing. At this point, there isn’t much they haven’t accomplished in the archery world. PSE bow strings are our largest brand offering, with 100’s of listings on our site.

Bear Archery Bow Manufacturer

Bear is what I would call an “iconic brand.” Since founded by Fred Bear in 1933, they have been a staple in the archery manufacturing industry. In today’s market, I would consider Bear’s bow lineup to be mid-grade or upper mid-grade. They produce quality products while trying to keep prices low. Much of this could be due to not having a huge paid pro staff promoting them like other brands. By cutting marketing costs, they can offer products at a lower price. Whether you need a teardrop bow string for an older bow or a top-quality 452x bow string set for your 2023 model, we have what you need.

Elite Archery Bow Manufacturer

Elite came into the archery game in 2005. After being acquired by The Outdoor Group, it has been game on for them. With most of their lineup being composed of binary cam style bows, their shooters continue to be successful in 3d, target archery and in the field while bowhunting. We offer options for Elite bow strings for every model in both standard and custom colors.

Diamond Archery Bow Manufacturer

Diamond is a bow brand that is now owned by Bowtech. It is a brand that is geared more toward a lower price point. Many of their models have MSRPs below $500 and give customers great value while still getting a solid product. Their “edge” line of bows has changed the game but giving an ultra-economical bow to shoot. The recent Infinite Edge bow has so much adjustment that archers of just about any size can shoot it. Our selection of Diamond bow strings continues to be very popular with our customer base.

Mission Archery Bow Manufacturer

Mission is a brand owned by Mathews. Much like Diamond, their goal is to offer a value-packed product. It has also been published that the profits from this company go to help various mission projects across the globe. Whether you’re a bowhunting or youth shooter, we have a Mission bow string set to keep you on target.

Prime Archery Bow Manufacturer

Prime bow and bow strings on a log

Prime is a division of G5 outdoors, which is one of the larger archery manufacturers of accessories. Each year they release innovative designs that really set them apart in that aspect from other companies. Prime bow string sets can be out of the norm with things like 7-piece string sets, but we have it covered.

Quest Archery Bow Manufacturer

Quest is a sister company to Prime. Their bowline is geared toward the average bowhunter. Their bow lineup is limited but provides the bowhunter with what they need to be successful. I would consider their equipment midgrade and the price reflects this as well. Each year, we notice a spike in our sales of Quest bow strings during hunting season.

60X Custom Strings: Archery Manufacturer

Whatever bow you choose, 60X is where you want to look when it comes time to replace your strings and cables. From Mathews to Quest, and every brand in between, we have you covered.