Mar 9th 2018

As you may or may not know, Zenith Archery Productswas purchased by 60X Custom Strings in November. Being active in the archery industry I was familiar with the line of Zenith Releases, but I’ll admit that I didn’t know much about the Bitzenburger upgrade kit that they offered. During the transition in the new business I was blown away at the popularity of the upgrade kit with our customers. I have been using a Bitzenburger fletching jig for over 20 years and I couldn’t see how a little upgrade kit could make this jig any better. I soon realized that I was wrong.

The Zenith Bitzenburger upgrade kit consists of a new nock receiver, new cradle and 4 inserts to fit various arrow sizes and nock bushings. With the 4 various sized inserts you can now fletch s-nock, g-nock, x-nock, h-nock and pin nocks just by swapping out the adapters. Instead of the arrow nock fitting loosely on the factory nock receiver you now have a positive hold as these new inserts go inside the arrow shaft to make sure there is no ‘play’ between the arrow and the jig. If you have ever used a bitz jig and ended up with 2 of the vanes close to one another and not spaced evenly, then you know the frustration. Thanks to the Zenith bitz upgrade kit you no longer have to worry about this happening.

Installation is very simple.You just swap out the nock receivers and choose the correct adapter for the arrow size you will be fletching. On the front side of the jig you just need to drill two holes using the included template and mount the new arrow cradle. The arrow cradle does not have to be installed for this kit to work properly and it’s benefits will only be seen when fletching small diameter shafts. The purpose of this cradle is to better align the shaft with the fletching clamp.

I realize this may come across as a biased opinion since I do own the company, but I have no doubt that the Zenith bitz upgrade makes the best fletching jig even better.