Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow String & Cable

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Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow String & Cable

Full set of custom made crossbow string and cables for your Killer Instinct Fatal X crossbow. This includes the bowstring with a length of 31 1/4 and cables with a length of 15 3/8. You can choose from a crossbow string or the full set of crossbow string and cables in the menu. Visit our Killer Instinct crossbow string page for more crossbow models.  This model is only available in standard colors. Features of a 60X Custom Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow String Set:

  • Proprietary 5 Stage Stretching Process
  • BCY D97 Crossbow string Material
  • BCY Braided Crosbow Center Serving
  • Choice of 30 colors
  • 3D Bow String Serving
Due to the extreme performance of these crossbows they do require regular maintenance. As a result no warranty is offered on these specific crossbow strings and cables.