3D Archery: What It Is and Why You Should Be Doing It

3D Archery: What It Is and Why You Should Be Doing It

Nov 4th 2020

Regular archery ranges are usually flat with round targets placed at set distances. This type of practice is excellent for honing your skills. The lack of variables means you get consistent feedback on how you’re shooting.

Then there’s another type of archery: the one that uses 3D targets for practice. Let’s dig in.

What is 3D Archery?

Instead of the typical colored bullseyes, this type of archery uses 3D targets, usually in the shape of animals. Most of these targets are made from durable, weather-resistant foam. They also have specific areas at which you’re supposed to aim, to simulate hunting.

3D archery also takes place outside, usually on a course or trail. This adds a dynamic aspect to the sport. Archers walk the course in groups. At each station, there are flags to mark different distances from which you can shoot. Archers get one shot at the 3D target. Once everyone has taken their shot, you can approach the target and see how you did.

This type of archery forces archers to adapt their shooting styles to different conditions. Wind, weather, or sun may affect your game. Targets may also be on a different elevation or behind partial cover. Each shot attempts to mimic real hunting situations in which hunters may find themselves.

Who Should Try 3D Archery

It’s not just for hunters, though that is the primary use. If you’re using a compound bow, once your sites are set accurately, this type of shooting helps you practice for those real-world hunting situations. You may have to take a downhill shot at a deer target at one station, then a wooded shot at a pig target at another, for example.

close up of notches of arrows in a quiver

So what is 3D archery? It’s a fun way to practice your shooting and bond with friends (or make new ones). It’s not an excuse to run wild throughout nature shooting things at random.

People who aren’t hunters still benefit from doing a 3D archery course. Any arrows you shoot are going to help you get better, but this type of archery is a different skill set. It forces you to take into account the variables we mentioned earlier and learn to adapt your shooting to your surroundings.

Find a Course Near You

To get started, see if there’s a 3D archery course near you. Your local archery shop should be able to help if you have any questions about where to go or how to get started. And, in the meantime, find a custom bow string to fit on that compound bow before you go.

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