Bowhunting Equipment for the Game You’re After | 60X

Bowhunting Equipment for the Game You’re After | 60X

Jun 11th 2020

Deer, turkey, elk, small game, or something larger? Hunters know that every shot counts - and so does the equipment you use. Sometimes there is only one chance to hit the target, so our pros weigh in on the best bowhunting equipment for the game you’re after. From bowhunting elk to the popular turkey hunt, read on and learn what to look for when you’re hunting a variety of wild game from  small to large.

Smaller Game

Smaller game includes grouse, rabbit, ducks, and pheasants. Hunting small game has its perks. You’ll generally get multiple chances to hit your target. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to hunt small game during a larger window of time or even year-round in some cases. This helps you keep your skills honed for when something larger comes along. The challenge? These smaller targets require a precise aim and a steady hand. What you need:

Pro Tip: You can use the same compound bow for larger game too, with a few tweaks here and there.

The Turkey Hunt

Bowhunting turkey hunt

Bowhunting elk and other large game is a prize to aspire to, but many hunters look forward to the fanfare of the turkey hunting season. You can increase the odds of a successful hunt with bowhunting equipment that performs well. Add in a few accessories to help get that bird home. Some of our essential must-haves:

  • A good ground blind to help conceal yourself from your game
  • A rangefinder to help calculate the distance to the bird
  • bow string loop and silencer

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to hone your secret weapon: a great mouth call!

Deer Hunting

When hunting season begins, high-speed bowhunting equipment is a must. Deer often wander into view after a long day or waiting, unaware that you are nearby. When opportunity comes, it’s time to take your best shot as quickly as you can. What you need to enhance your speed for deer:

Pro Tip: Speed isn’t the only thing you need; look for a draw weight of over 35 pounds for larger game like deer. Explore some of our other tools and accessories to help you get there.

Bowhunting Elk or Moose

Bowhunting Elk or Moose in wild

Before you head out on a hunt for larger game, make sure you’ve practiced. You should also check state or provincial laws just in case there is a minimum or maximum draw weight if you hunt with a crossbow. Your draw weight for bowhunting even larger game is going to be well over 50 pounds.

Hunting elk or moose will require special equipment such as:

  • crossbow or compound bow fine-tuned for much larger game
  • Shooting aids that help increase your accuracy, such as the appropriate sight
  • Supplies for a much longer expedition and deep-woods trekking

Pro Tip: It’s no secret that good strings make the best shot, no matter what you’re after. That’s why we offer bowhunting equipment from top brands we love to suit larger game.

For Any Game

man aiming a target in archery

There are some universal equipment must-haves that suit any game you’re after. Here are some expert recommendations to suit any hunt from bowhunting elk to rabbit and anything in between.

Handheld GPS: If possible, get to know your hunting grounds ahead of time. But if that’s not an option, make sure you keep a handheld GPS on hand.

Waterproof Gear: You may plan all-year for just one day of bowhunting. Equipment that is wet and bulky can really slow you down so don’t forget about the chance of bad weather. Invest in some high-quality and lightweight raingear, including boots that trek through the woods without a soaker.

Good Strings: Pre-stretched custom strings help eliminate peep rotation and creep that negatively impact your aim. Your typical bowstrings need to be settled and stretched for the high-performance aim you’re looking for.

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