Archery Presents: Archery Gift Ideas 2023 | 60X Blog

Archery Presents: Archery Gift Ideas 2023 | 60X Blog

Posted by Todd Lambright on Oct 6th 2023

Do you have an archer in your life who seems to have everything? Are you lacking archery knowledge to know what to get your archer this holiday season? If you’re not sure what to get your archer this holiday season, check out this blog post to glean some archery gift ideas.

7 Practical Presents for Archery

Bow Strings

custom compound bow string in green and yellow

Bow strings help an archer’s bow to perform at its peak, but they need to be replaced consistently. It’s also always good for an archer to have a backup set on hand in case they accidentally damage their bow strings.

60X offers bow strings for compound bows, crossbows, and longbows/recurve bows.

Our compound bow strings and replacement crossbow strings come in 5 color combinations that are ready to ship to you, so turnaround time is very fast.

If you’d like to make your archer’s bow strings extra special, you can order custom colors for compound bow strings, custom crossbow strings, and longbow and recurve bow strings to match the colors of their favorite sports team(s), favorite color(s), match their bow, etc. The color combination choices for these archery presents are endless. Our Bow String Color Gallery is a great place to find color combination inspiration.

When ordering bow strings for your archer, you must know their bow make and model, or the measurements of their bow string and cables. If you need help with this, 60X offers exceptional customer service. You can reach out via phone (724-525-3972) or the Live Chat feature on our website. Whether your archer needs new bow strings, or a backup set of bow strings, 60X has you covered.

The heart of 60X Custom Strings is bow strings, but did you know that 60X offers other tried and true archery brands that would make great archery presents this holiday season? Read on to see other archery gift ideas. 

Bitzenburger Fletching Jig & Clamp

a Bitzenburger Fletching Jig tool and clamp

The Bitzenburger Fletching Jig & Clamp is a fletching jig tool that is used to put feathers and vanes on an arrow in the correct way so that the arrow flies straight. The Bitzenburger Fletching Jig & Clamp has been the industry standard for 50 years and offers almost every fletching function that your archer could want. Whether they want to produce straight or offset fletches, or fletch multiple feathers in a variety of angles, the Bitzenburger Jig offers excellent combinations that make every shot precise.

Zenith Upgrade Kit (An add-on to the Bitzenburger Fletching Jig & Clamp)

Zenith Upgrade Kit jig tool

This is the same archery present as listed above, but this one comes complete with the Zenith Upgrade Kit installed. The replacement body fits directly into the Bitzenburger jig and adjusts for all three different fletching patterns. The new receiver comes with two inserts which are held into the body by a long screw that is tightened through the rear of the receiver and holds the arrows directly, without slippage.

EZ Green Bow Press

EZ green bow press archery gift idea

On just about every archer’s wish list is an EZ Green Bow Press. If your archer wants to work on their bow at home, a bow press is a must-own piece of equipment. Made by Last Chance Archery, the EZ Green Bow Press is widely known as the industry standard. This bow press delivers exceptional speed and ease of use, allowing your archer to optimize their shooting whenever they notice a dip in their bow’s performance.

Last Chance Archery Draw Board

Archery Draw Board archery gift idea

Another practical present, this archery draw board allows your archer to check their timing, draw length, cam lean, and set their rest with accuracy. In order to use the Last Chance Archery Draw Board, you must have one of the bow presses listed below.

Note: There is usually a lead time before this item ships.

The Last Chance Archery STANDARD Draw Board attaches to:

The Last Chance Archery ULTIMATE Draw Board attaches to:

  • Ultimate EZ Press
  • Ultimate Deluxe Press
  • Pack-N-Go Ultimate

Last Chance Archery EZ Green Crossbow Press

EZ Green Crossbow Press archery present

Like the EZ Green Bow Press, the EZ Green Crossbow Press is an ideal archery present for changing bow strings and cables at home—but on crossbows. The Last Chance Archery EZ Green Crossbow Press was designed for quick and easy set-up of crossbows.

Note: There is usually a lead time before this item ships.



60X T-shirt gift idea

A 60X fan favorite, your archer will love to represent 60X all year long or at their favorite archery shoot. The 60X T-shirt is a mix of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon and comes in sport gray. It is available in sizes small to 4X and is very comfortable. The 60X T-shirt pairs nicely with the 60X baseball hat and is a great, casual archery present.

Note: The T-shirts do shrink, so it may be helpful to size up one.


a mesh back baseball hat with the 60X Custom Strings logo

The 60X Mesh Back Baseball Hat is a must for any 60X fan. Boasting a 7-position adjustable snapback with a low profile, the hat is made from 100% twill front panes and 100% polyester mesh mid and back panels. The 60X logo is embroidered on the left side front. It goes great with a 60X T-shirt!

We hope this list of archery gift ideas from 60X has helped you to discover archery presents for your archer who has everything. If this list gives you ideas, but you still have questions, feel free to reach out via phone or the Live Chat feature on our website and a customer service representative will be happy to help you.