Bow String Colors: Bow String Color Ideas & Tips

Bow String Colors: Bow String Color Ideas & Tips

Posted by Todd Lambright on Jul 17th 2023

Bow strings have come a long way over the last 20 years, not only in the quality of material, but also in the colors available. At 60X Custom Strings, we have over 50 custom string colors for you to choose from. We can make strings with a single color, up to two colors, or with pin stripes.

Along with choosing your bow string colors, you also get to choose your string serving color. Serving material is wrapped around the actual bow string as a shield that protects the string from degrading. There are an additional 30 color options for your bow string serving color.

Whether you’re shopping for compound bow strings, crossbow strings, or longbow and recurve strings, there are so many color options that it can be daunting. There are bound to be some string combinations that aren't very pleasing to the eye. To help, I’m going to share a few bow string color ideas, tips, and tricks that will help to make choosing colors a little easier.

Choosing the Right Color of Serving Material

Our sunset black bow string colors create the moody feel of a dramatic sunset on the horizon while shadows gather nearby This crossbow shows the sunset black bow string colors in action

Let’s look at the serving material first. We have two options: clear serving and fluorescent or light-colored serving.

Fluorescent or Light-Colored Serving

Many people are surprised when their strings aren't the color they chose. A fluorescent or light-colored serving overtop of different colored strings changes the overall color. Contrary to what some believe, light colored serving becomes translucent, allowing the colors of the string underneath to show through the serving. This will sometimes change the color of the serving entirely, like mixing paint changes the color of paint. For Example, if you were to put flo yellow serving over top of a blue string, it will look green. Below are pictures that show what I’m talking about.

Fluorescent or light-colored serving material will mix with the color of the bow string material underneath.

If you like a clean looking bow string, one of the most basic and important bow string color ideas is that it is always better to go with the same color or serving material, or a darker color serving, compared to your string colors.

Clear Serving

Clear serving is a $10 charge but looks good on lighter bow string colors, as it allows the string colors to be seen everywhere. With today’s bows mostly going to roller guards that are served, along with large cam servings, there can be limited sting material that is actually seen.

There is one downside to choosing clear serving. If you put it over dark colors like brown or black, it will look hazy and not very clean.

Pinstripe Options

Pinstripe strings let you choose two primary colors, separated by a third color. These are some of the most complimented strings we build and can really stand out, if done right.

We have found that using two lighter bow string colors with a darker pinstripe tend to stand out the best. When choosing a pin stripe color, the main thing you want to stay away from is choosing a pin stripe color that is close to one of the primary colors. This will cause the pin to blend in and not stand out or pop the way it is meant to.

Some of our favorite bow string color ideas involve using pinstripe color combos.

The other option is to go with slightly darker colors and a brighter pinstripe. These strings will look good right out of the pack. The downside with this option is that they tend to look dirty faster, as the darker wax from the primary colors start to run into the brighter pinstripe color.

Color Combinations

A few of our favorite color combos of bow strings are:

  • Red w/ Silver Serving
  • Green & Root Beer w/ Black Serving
  • Sunset, Black & White w/ Black Serving
  • Electric Blue, Flo Green, Flo Pink & Flo Purple w/ Flo Green Serving
  • Red & Blue w/ White Pinstripe w/ Black Serving

If you're unsure about what color strings and serving to choose, our color gallery is a great place to start. We have lots of good bow string colors there.

Bow string material has come a long way in terms of quality and color options in the last 20 years. There are numerous color combinations available at 60X. Using the tips and tricks mentioned above will help you to pick the ideal colors for you and your bow.

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