Crossbow Hunting Tips

Crossbow Hunting Tips

Feb 26th 2020

While many hunters enjoy using a compound bow on their hunting trips, there are some states that allow crossbow hunting as well. If you want to experience something new with crossbow hunting, 60X Custom Strings is here to guide you with a few of our top crossbow hunting tips. Explore what our team of Staff Shooters has to say about hunting with a crossbow to ensure a successful enjoyable bowhunting trip.

1. Your First Crossbow

If you don’t already have a crossbow, it’s best to find a retailer that offers some sort of warranty on their products. Find a balance between affordability and reliability by exploring reviews about quality and customer service.

You also want to make sure you check your local and state laws for minimum and maximum draw weights when hunting with your crossbow. This range will help you narrow down your best crossbow and string options.

2. The Right Arrows

broadhead crossbow bolt tip

Finding the right arrows is a very important crossbow hunting tip that many people overlook. When it comes to a crossbow, the arrows are called bolts and are available in a variety of weights. You should be looking at heavier bolts that range between 300 to 350 grain — not including your broadhead or practice point.

A heavier bolt has the advantage during hunts because it results in better penetration of your target. If you’re hunting a specific animal, there are more detailed guides that explore exacting weights for them. Practice with the bolts you choose to ensure you fully understand the feel of the shot before aiming at an animal.

3. Must-Have Accessories

There are so many tools and accessories for a bowhunt that you might not consider if you’ve never been on one. Besides your basic gear, we recommend having a ground blind, rangefinder, string silencer, and bow string loop.

One of our crossbow hunting tipsters also recommends buying the appropriate sight for your specific crossbow. Shooting aids are the best way to increase your accuracy quickly and easily.

4. Practice is Key

roe deer in the woods

Even once you have all the gear you need for your hunting trip, you’re not ready to go. Practicing with all your equipment is critical for a successful hunt. Practice on different terrain, from different angles, and from whatever blind you plan on bringing out with you. Learning how to judge ranges and make adjustments is one of our most important crossbow hunting tips to help you understand distance before sighting on a buck or turkey.

5. Safety First

While crossbows do have some built-in safety features, you should always follow basic safety rules to protect yourself and others. Some of the basics include:

  • Keep your bow pointed away from people at all times
  • Always carry your bow with the safety on
  • Never climb a tree with your bow loaded
  • Keep your fingers below the barrel at all times
  • Never dry fire your bow
  • Wear a harness in treestands

Time to Hunt

With these essential crossbow hunting tips in mind, it’s time to start exploring and practicing for a hunt in your local area. Check out our blog for more hunting advice and shop 60X Custom Strings for all your bowstring and equipment needs.