Determining the Best Archery Distance for Your Skill Level

Determining the Best Archery Distance for Your Skill Level

Mar 6th 2020

Many archery beginners aren’t sure how far to set up their targets during shooting practice. At a bow range, you may have several choices for archery distance setups, indoor or outdoor shooting, and even target types. If you’re curious about what’s best for your experience level, explore this breakdown from the experts at 60X Custom Strings.

Distances for Beginners

The archer’s distance from the target is usually determined by bow type and skill level. The most common target distance for beginners typically ranges between 18 and 20 yards. Start off at a closer archery distance and if you’re hitting the target with too much force, you can back further away. When you visit a range, discuss your needs with a qualified supervisor and allow them to steer you to an appropriate target.

Outdoor Shooting Distances

bow and arrows on the ground outside

Generally, outdoor ranges provide archery distances between 30 and 60 yards. Some specialty ranges may have targets up to 100 yards. When it comes to shooting at these types of ranges, pay attention to how far apart you are from other archers as well as the distance between targets. Most outdoor ranges have a standard distance of five yards from the waiting archers to those on the line. There will also be an overshoot line that goes beyond the target to ensure that any misses don’t harm other individuals or damage anything nearby.

If you have a long-range compound bow, an outdoor range is probably the best choice. There are outdoor ranges with space for longer targets designed for powerful bows like these.

Indoor Distances

Indoor practice facilities offer a controlled environment without the variable of weather to contend with. Most indoor archery spaces tend to be about 20 yards wide and 25 yards long. While these spaces are fantastic for practice, heightened safety requirements for indoor facilities mean that you won’t often find targets more than 30 yards away. Those who want to practice longer archery distances should consider outdoor ranges.

Distance & Accuracy Tips

checking accuracy on indoor targets

Increasing the archer’s distance from the target is dependent on the strength of the bow as well as accuracy. If you’ve started at a minimum archery distance and you find yourself shooting neat and consistent clusters, it may be time to move further away from the target. If you are further out and feel like you’re struggling, you may need to move closer to the target. You can also consider choosing a more powerful bow to ensure it can shoot arrows that fly as far as you need them to.

Basic Skills at 60X Custom Strings

At 60X Custom Strings, we want to make archery accessible for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we want you to feel comfortable asking our staff shooters and customer service representatives for help. Ready to discover archery? Reach out to our team today to learn about the strings and equipment you’ll need for your journey!