60X Custom Strings is excited to be a BCY distributor serving dealers and retail customer world wide.  As 60X has grown as a company we have worked closely with BCY to test new materials before they come to market.  In case you don’t know, almost every new bow comes from the factory equipped with a bowstring and cables made with material from this Connecticut based archery company.   We not only stock several bow string and serving materials in house but also offer the full line of BCY products on a per-order basis.  We place weekly orders every Monday and usually have it the following Monday.  If there is anything you need that you don’t see listed on our site be sure to check with us.  If you are a dealer or bowstring builder who would like to setup a wholesale account please fill out our dealer application and we can get you set up.

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  • BCY #24 Bow String D Loop Material
  • BCY #24 Pre Cut Bow String D Loop
  • 450 bow string material
  • BCY 452x bow string material
  • bcy 8125g bow string material
  • 8190 bowstring material
  • Angel special bowstring
  • bear paw bow string serving tool
  • BCY Bowstring and Cable Making DVD
  • bcy 8125g bow string material
  • BCY ML6 Bow String Wax
  • bcy x bow string material

    BCY X Bow String Material

  • BCY X Wax Bow String Wax

    BCY X Wax Bow String Wax

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