BCY B55 Dacron Bow String Material

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BCY B55 Dacron Bow String Material

Get the best dacron material for your bow at 60X Custom Strings! BCY B55 dacron string material is a top choice for traditional longbow and recurve bow strings because of its durability and ease of use. B55 is 100% polyester with characteristics similar to other dacron materials but with better durability and lower stretch. It is available in solid colors designed to suit your specific needs. Whether you want a vibrant blue for competition or muted green for hunting, you’ll find exactly what you need.

Best Practices

BCY B55 string material works best for recurve and trad bows, in addition to crossbows. It provides strength and stretch in one, and is a great choice for older teardrop compounds. Dacron materiallike this should not be used on today's high-performance compound bows due to its strand count. Normal strand count is 12-18 for traditional bows and 24-32 for crossbows. It is offered in 1/4lb and 1lb spools.

Ordering Guidelines

  • 1lb. spools are pre-order only at 60X Custom Strings.
  • Weekly orders placed on Monday and arrive one week later.
  • 1 lb. spools are pre-order only
  • Pre-orders typically arrive in for shipment within 7-10 days of order being placed

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  • 5
    B55 string

    Posted by Larry Peterson on May 17th 2021

    Good string for my homemade bows, my recurve and my longbows. Will buy from 60X again.

  • 5
    Bowstring Material

    Posted by Larry Freeman on Jan 7th 2021

    This is my favorite brand for the self bows I build.

  • 5
    Great Material

    Posted by larry on Dec 14th 2020

    Works great on the self bows I make.Can't beat the price also. Thanks 60X!!

  • 5
    B55 Polyester bow string material

    Posted by Norm on Dec 11th 2020

    Fifty years ago, I first started making bow strings. I bought a lot of dacron bow string, so this is the first time I have bought new string. Surprised that polyester had replaced dacron. Anyway, I have made two bow strings for my new recurve bow. Seems to working for me. Thanks for the very quick service.

  • 5
    Dacron B55 String

    Posted by Haratio Fales. CEO Blue Dragon Archery. on Aug 28th 2020

    This is a very durable and workable string for recurve and long bows from 12 to 100 pound of draw. I could use the more expensive strings but they would be overkill for this type of archery.

  • 5

    Posted by Dan on Nov 4th 2019

    As advertised -- low stretch. Works well. Fast delivery.

  • 4

    Posted by Crossbow Chris on Sep 9th 2018

    I am a new string maker. Focused solely on Flemish twist. I chose B55 because it's both economical and useful for crossbow strings. I have ordered black, orange, blue and yellow. 60x has their order process down. Everything arrived quickly! My only complaint is the inconsistency of string wax. The blue and yellow i just received had much more wax than the black and orange. The orange was almost completely dry, and this made it MUCH more difficult to twist. But I learned from it, so I got exactly what I needed from it. Cant compare to other string material but so far seems to be a good option.

  • 5
    string material

    Posted by Justin on May 18th 2018

    So happy I found 60X. Great selection, low prices and free shipping.