BCY X99 Bow String Material

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BCY X-99 Bow String Material

BCY X99 bow string material has the benefits and performance of 452X and 8190 combined into one material.  BCY-X99 is constructed of 80% SK99 Highest Quality Dyneema - 20% Vectran - Patented Construction. All the benefits and performance of BCY-X. Good for Compound Bows and Recurves. All of these benefits add up to BCY X99 being the material of choice at 60X Custom Bowstrings.  Our owners, employees and pro staffers rely on the stability and consistency on the line at a tournament or in the field chasing a trophy of a lifetime.   Our recurve customers are happy to report added speed with a quiet, low vibration shot. The 1lb spools are available by pre-order only. We place weekly BCY orders each Monday and usually have them the following Monday. BCY X99 bow string material also offers these additional benefits:

  • No Creep
  • Good Arrow Speed
  • Low fuzziness
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Patented Construction

Recommended strands: 28-30 for Compound Bows
Approximate feet per pound waxed: 11,000
Spool sizes: 1/8 lb., 1/4 lb., or 1 lb.


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    Quality Strings

    Posted by Diego Quesada Arias on Apr 18th 2023

    I have used 60X strings for many years on all of my Compound Bows. Single or mixed colors, you will have many possibilities to make your personal design. I never have a problem with my 60X strings, many bow makers (mathews) equip the bows with strings that have the problem of serving separation, with 60X you will never have this type of problem. If you want high quality, beautiful colors, and durability, get 60X.

  • 5

    Posted by Shannon Daugherty on Apr 12th 2023

    60X uses high quality materials in there products. Can't wait to use these products for my current target darton tempest and future bows

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    Bow String

    Posted by Tony DiDio on Feb 14th 2023

    I have been shooting for over 30 plus years I have made strings and have bought strings from many different companies in my opinion I have used 60 X strings for about four years and have never experienced any servicing separation or string stretching or fraying and that’s why I’ve been using 60X Strings they seem to put a lot of effort in to building there strings

  • 5
    They do the research and have the best products

    Posted by Jay Davidson on Jul 13th 2022

    Extremely knowledgeable and have done all the research to give you the best product. Customer service is top notch as well

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    X99 bow string

    Posted by Tymothy Kendrick on Dec 15th 2021

    Love this material. No creep bundles well when GT!

  • 5
    X99 Bow String

    Posted by Eldan Fales on Aug 25th 2021

    This string added 10 to 15 FPS over B55 which what I have been using for the past few years, and it doesn't seem to frey.

  • 5
    X99 string material

    Posted by Mark Burns on Oct 23rd 2019

    Excellent product. Will be using more of this the colors