BCY 8125 Bow String Material

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BCY 8125G Bow String Material

BCY 8125 bow string material is an excellent choice for recurve and compound archers. Many 3d shooters use this material for it's added speed.  Recurve shooters love the added speed without any added vibration.  8125 is composed of 92% SK75 dyneema. It is offered in 1/8lb, 1/4lb and 1lb spools. At this time BCY 8125 bow string material is only available through pre-order. 60X Custom Strings places our weekly BCY order each Monday and usually receives it the following Monday. All 1/8 lb., 1/4 lb. & 1 lb. are pre-order only for this product Pre-orders typically arrive in for shipment within 7-10 days of order being placed.