Indoor vs Outdoor Archery Range | Learn the Differences

Indoor vs Outdoor Archery Range | Learn the Differences

Apr 14th 2020

The archery range is the ultimate place to hone your skills and hit your target before putting your bow into real action. Perfecting your aim comes with extra practice. Regular practice means coming up with a set-in-stone schedule to help you improve your aim.

Regular visits to an indoor or outdoor archery range can be the difference between a hit or a miss, but which type of range will be best to help you reach the next level? Before heading out with your gear for regular practice, consider these scenarios.

Scenario 1: The Weather Looks Unpredictable

The Winner: Indoor Archery Range

If the weather forecast is bleak, an indoor archery range is your best option. Unless you have some serious willpower or need to put yourself into extreme climate conditions, a visit to the indoor archery range means you can practice in any season no matter the weather.

Scenario 2: You Need to Test New Equipment

The Winner: Indoor Archery Range

Concentrate on improving your form with new equipment without the noise distractions of the outdoors. If you’ve just purchased a new bow and strings, practice inside first. Once you’ve tested out your new gear, you’ll be ready to get outside.

Scenario 3: You’re Shooting for Hunting Practice

The Winner: Outdoor Archery Range

Archer Shooting for Hunting Practice

When you practice inside, many of the targets are short-range and lack wind and noise. If you’re gearing up for that yearly hunting trip, you want to familiarize yourself with your equipment in an environment that more closely resembles the real deal when you’re hunting. In this case, you may get more out of the outdoor archery range. You’ll experience variables that you won’t get indoors, and this will help you keep your aim when it comes to the real thing. You can focus on your concentration and simulate the hunt as more authentic distractions may occur outside.

Scenario 4: You’re Just Starting Out

The Winner: Both

As the sport of archery grows, the indoor and outdoor archery range both provide a safe introduction to the sport for people of all ages. For some, this means enjoying archery in a climate-controlled environment. For others, it means being surrounded by the sounds of nature before taking your best shot. Either way, choose a range where you’ll be comfortable starting out.

Scenario 5: You’re Competing

The Winner: Both

Indoor practice may be a gateway into competitive archery and help you really fine-tune your skills before you go out. As a competitor, you’ll want to expose yourself to as many real-life scenarios as you can before getting ready for the competition. Make sure you visit both the indoor and outdoor archery range before competition day.

Now that you’ve explored both indoor and outdoor options, get your gear ready for the next season. Explore 60X Custom strings and get ready to hit your target today.