Hunting Practice

Hunting Practice

Posted by Todd Lambright on Feb 22nd 2022

We previously reviewed 3 areas regarding archery practice:

Today we’re going to review practice for hunting.

How to Practice for Hunting

Most archery hunters want to prepare for their hunts during the off-season, but many are unsure how to practice. Of course, we think perfect practice is the way to go. (Not sure what perfect practice is? Check out this post.)

Now that you know you need to practice perfect practice, you may be wondering what type of targets you should practice on – 3D or spot. Shooting both 3D and spot targets is best because each helps in different areas:

  • Spot targets are great for practicing your form, shot execution, and consistency.
  • 3D’s will help you to become more proficient at judging yardage and picking your shot placement on animals.

Practice in Hunting Clothes

Now that you know what types of targets to practice for hunting, let’s talk about what you should wear while practicing. Many hunters question if they should wear the clothes they’ll be hunting in. The simple answer is, "Yes you should." It is very important to practice in your hunting clothes, especially jackets, face masks, and safety harnesses, because these items can get in the way while hunting and cause situations you don’t want to be in.

  • Jacket: The biggest threat from your jacket is that it can get in the path of your string upon release. In any of these situations, your shot could get thrown off and, worst-case scenario, you wound the game you’re after.
  • Face mask: I’ve heard of people having trouble finding their anchor point with a facemask on because they can’t feel the string or kisser against their face. This could throw everything off.
  • Safety harness: If using a safety harness for the first time, you’ll want to give it a trial run. Not knowing your limits with the harness on, or the best height to attach it to the tree, could cause a missed opportunity.

By practicing in hunting clothes, you can find solutions to any issues that you may encounter before they cause you a horrible hunt. Again, this just goes back to perfect practice and knowing what you and your equipment are capable of before entering the woods.

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