Last Chance Archery Ultra Lock Adapter

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6-8 Week lead time before this will ship
Last Chance Archery Ultra Lock Adapter

6-8 Week lead time before this will ship

Investing in a bow for archery practice means fine-tuning it from time to time. New bows often come tuned-up by a pro but need adjustments to suit the amount of use and draw strength. If you’re more experienced in the field, you’re likely ready to learn how to do this tweaking on your own without making extra stops at the local archery shop. Browse EZ press Hoyt adapters for at-home adjustments.

LCA Ultra Lock Adapter

The Last Chance Archery Lock Adapter is the perfect addition to your home archery workshop. This adapter is made for the 2016 Hoyt, UltraFlex™ Limb System. It works with any of our LCA bow presses and it’s easy to install and use. Safely work on your 2016 Hoyt bows at your home workshop and make adjustments as often as you need to.

High-Quality Brands

A leader in the archery industry, 60X Custom Strings carries high-quality brands that help you get the performance you want. Last Chance Archery is one of our top-selling brands, and these EZ press Hoyt adapters help you save a trip so you can easily make adjustments on your own. As you increase your draw strength, tweak your bow to match.

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