Whether you’re a passionate outdoorsman or just beginning your journey with archery, you need to have a string you can count on. 60X Custom Strings is here to provide you with custom bow strings like no other. After all, you can have the best-made bow in the world, but the best bow is only as good as the bow string it’s using.

At 60X Custom Strings, we build high-performance custom strings and cables. Our strings are made with durability in mind, reliable until your day of shooting is complete. You know you’re getting the best with 60X Custom Strings. Our bowstrings have won over 100 world competitions and 800 national championships and are used by professional archers daily.

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Our customers choose the right bow string for them based on the make and model of their bow, their needs as a hunter or target shooter, and personal touches like color preference. We make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for, and the team at 60X Custom Strings will help you every step of the way when it comes to your custom bow strings.

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Curious about industry trends, the development of new materials, and what these developments could mean for archers? Check out the 60X Custom Strings Blog to learn more about the sport of archery, the technology we use, and the archery lifestyle.

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Customer Reviews

BCY custom bowstring

Posted by Joseph Collins on Apr 12th 2023

Great company, customer service is top notch, fast shipping, been shooting 60x for a few years and will not shoot any other brand. We have run 60X on numerous bows without any issue at all, put them on and shoot that's it even on my faster bows with aggressive cams no separation in serving, no peep rotation just a great set of strings at a good price

8125 strings

Posted by Michael Grubb on Apr 8th 2023

these strings were made to my exact specs and I had NO creep or shootin time. excellent quality and I am a customer for life!

Mathews No Cam bow string & cable set

Posted by Nicholas Bruck on Dec 15th 2022

I have been using 60X replacement strings and cables for several years and am extremely satisfied with their performance.

Top notch service

Posted by Sherrie Hartman on Oct 23rd 2020

I was in a bind and needed a string quickly. The 60x rep checked inventory and was able to ship me a string the same day.

Wicked ridge strings

Posted by Chris on Apr 10th 2020

Quick shipping. Ordered Monday and received on Wed


Posted by JOSHUA PENA on Nov 3rd 2022

I ordered a flo yellow set for my PSE Drive NXT. Oh man do these pop in the sunlight. Peep settled in perfect. After a 100plus shots, im still in hitting consistently

Exceptional value for quality products

Posted by Edmundo (Ed) Martinez on Apr 6th 2023

Some of the finest bow strings and cables I could find on the market. You request what you want in the color scheme that you went with free shipping. Once set up I have had no problem with peep sight twist. I recommend their products whole heartedly

Excellent String and Cables

Posted by Dave M on Mar 16th 2023

Very impressed with string and cables. Had some questions on settiing up string and cables. Called and had excellent support quickly with all my questions answered.

Excellence is the standard

Posted by Darren Morse on Jul 7th 2022

From serving to stretch, I’ve been very pleased with all the 60x strings I’ve purchased over the years. I’ve purchased their 452x and D97 strings for competition barebow recurve and 8125 strings for student’s bows. I appreciate the full customization options as well as the ready-to-ship inventory when needed in a pinch. Unlike other string builders, I don’t have to wait for 6 weeks to forever for my 60x orders.

Compound bowstring.

Posted by George Nemeth on Feb 22nd 2023

Quality made products and quick delivery. Custom or ready to ship option


woman practicing recurve bow shots

As a multi-world and national champion, our vision is to provide durable, high-quality strings at fair prices.

While shooting in local archery tournaments and bow hunting in the mid-1990s, I was frustrated when my fast flight string or cables would stretch and need to be retimed. Since I was already building my own arrows, I started building my own strings with flashy colors. Over the next 10+ years, I continued helping archers as a hobby, while I traveled across the country shooting in tournaments.

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